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The Best (and Worst) Day to List a Home

The Best (and Worst) Day to List a Home

Listing a home for sale does not have to be a complicated experience. Your two goals as a seller include selling the house quickly and getting the highest possible price for it. While several factors contribute to your Lewis Smith Lake real estate success, one of the most important things to consider is the timing. 

Seasonal preferences

Whether the market is hot or cold, one thing is certain: Houses sell faster and for more money when the weather is warm. The spring and summer months bring longer days and beautiful weather. Families that have decided to buy a new home will want to be moved in and settled before the new school year begins. Further, they want to be established before their children begin athletics, clubs, and school festivities.

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When the weather is colder people are much less likely to be out shopping for homes or going to open houses. You also have to take into account that during the fall and winter months, the holiday season has many families busy with shopping and attending celebratory events. Their minds are not focused on making transitions into new homes because they are busy with family, school, and the holiday season. As the weather warms in the spring and summer, homebuyers hit the listings and the busiest time of year in the real estate market begins. 

Southern variations

While your specific location plays a role in how much your climate may have an impact, these trends do not always translate across every region of the United States. Living in an area with milder temperatures and more subtle seasonal transitions does help home sellers experience less drop-off into a slower winter selling season.

According to the National Association of Realtors, southern states still sell approximately 70% as frequently during their slow season as they do during the peak season. This is due largely in part to milder weather in the south, a trend echoed in the western marketplace as well. 

Peak months

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Because home shoppers are more active during the more pleasant seasons of the year, the late spring and summer months tend to be the most competitive time to sell your home. A 2021 report by Attom Data Solutions shows the months of May, June, and July to be the peak times for selling your house, potentially allowing you to earn up to a 13.4% premium based on Attom’s analysis of home and condo sales over ten years.

The same report also shows that October and December are the slowest months to sell a house. The holiday season and weather changes are a factor, so there will be lower demand from buyers. Since fewer individuals are shopping, the properties already on the market tend to stay there longer. This encourages the sellers to lower their prices, desperate to sell their homes. To avoid falling into this trap, put your house on the market earlier in the year to take advantage of the peak season.

The most favorable listing day

Is there a specific day that is best to list your house? More than 39% of surveyed realtors reported that Thursday is the best day to put your home on the market. Most people set aside their weekends to tour open houses together as a family. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be the highest traffic days for homes for sale. Listing a house too early or late in the week results in having to wait another week before people will see your home.

Listing on a Thursday, however, sets you up at the perfect time for people to tour over the weekend and view your house as a new listing. The allure of a new listing, the perfect price, and the right day could be the exact combination needed to make a very speedy sale. You should also attempt to list your house in the morning as many people view listings first thing in the morning.

In comparison, listing your house on a wrong day may cause it to sit on the market longer. Mondays are considered to be less favorable days to list your home because people are just starting their work weeks. Also, buyers’ attention will be stretched over many different activities throughout the week, so if they saw your listing on Monday, it may have been forgotten by Saturday afternoon.

If your home sits on the market for too many weeks, it could have long-term negative effects on your closing price. When buyers see a house listed for longer than others, they will see an opportunity to negotiate for a discount. Savvy buyers will target homes that have been on the market the longest knowing that the sellers are eager to close on them. 

Maximize the selling potential

One of the biggest things to remember when selling your house is that even a margin of a few months can make a big difference in either profit or loss. Even a few weeks on the market or not listing on the best day can make a big impact. Keep in mind that any changes that need to be made to your home, such as repairs, updates, or even aesthetic refinishes, should be completed before you list your home. And marketing tactics, such as decluttering and having professional photographs created for your listing can speed up your sale.

It’s imperative to work with an experienced real estate agent who can maximize your home’s selling potential. Your realtor should understand the markets for Lewis Smith Lake AL real estate. Whether you’re ready to sell a home or search for a new one, contact David King. A skilled and experienced agent, he knows the local market, community, and national trends. Reach out to The King Team to get started.

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