Selling Your Home When Changing Jobs Shouldn’t be Complicated

Selling Your Home When Changing Jobs Shouldn’t be Complicated

Cullman, Alabama, is a northern city, approximately halfway between Birmingham and Huntsville, two of the largest cities in the state. Despite its proximity to these populated areas, residents of Cullman enjoy a slower pace of life and a tight-knit community. Outdoor enthusiasts are attracted to the community due to its proximity to Lewis Smith Lake and the towns bordering water features, Georgia Lake and Lake Catoma. Boating and water sports are a way of life in the town.

Many people need to relocate for work, and the prospect of selling a home on top of everything else can seem overwhelming. Don’t fret, selling a home during a job change can be a smooth and successful process with the help of a local agent. You can hand your stress, concerns, and to-do list to your agent and focus on your new job while your agent takes care of all the selling details. Here’s how you can sell your home with less complication:

Start preparing your home for buyers

When you find out you need to relocate for work, you can take steps to prepare your home for buyers. While some homeowners may feel their home is ready to sell, when compared to other recent sales in the area, your home may need some work. The sooner you prepare your home, the sooner you can list your property and solidify moving plans.

Find a local real estate agent

Start by researching local real estate agents in Cullman. You want an agent that can handle all your needs for a streamlined process. Many excellent agents are in the area, but finding one you connect with, and trust is critical. If you do not know any agents, talk to your personal and professional network for recommendations or search for top-performing agents in your area. With a list of candidates, you can schedule interviews and meet in person to discuss your needs. When speaking to potential agents, it is important to outline your selling goals. You may be on a timeline and want to sell quickly, so asking about their approach and marketing plan can help determine who can support your goals. It can also be helpful to ask about their experience, property specializations, commission, communication expectations, support staff, and negotiation skills.

Get an appraisal

A home appraisal is an excellent starting point when deciding on a listing price and if you need to plan renovations. Your home has value based on the current market, location, features, and amenities. A certified appraisal company assesses your home to provide an approximate value based on your home and similar ones in the area. With an assessment, you can list your home in its current condition using the appraisal as a pricing guide or make upgrades and renovations to add value before selling.

Add to your home’s value

Home improvements are the best way to add value to your home before listing. If you want to add value to increase your asking price, working with a real estate agent is best. Your realtor will know what local buyers are looking for in an upscale home and help you determine what project will help your home sell quickly and at an excellent price. Not all renovations have a good return on investment, and being strategic with your time and money can help you meet your selling goals. Common projects to boost value and attract buyers include fresh paint, an open layout, kitchen and bathroom remodel, modern hardware, and outdoor living space.

Stage your home and get professional photos

With your home in tip-top shape, you can stage it with high-end furniture. Placing your items in storage or moving them to your new location before listing makes the staging process easier. Starting with a blank slate makes cleaning and staging your home easy. A designer can prepare a custom plan for your home to showcase its potential and highlight desirable features like high ceilings, natural light, and a beautiful view. Staging is also valuable for your real estate photos. As the first experience with your property, images should be striking, sleek, and inviting. A real estate photographer can provide quality images, aerial footage, and virtual tour videos to promote your home in marketing materials.

List your home for sale

With your home ready for potential buyers, you can list it for sale. This portion of the process is exciting because you can showcase your hard work to buyers and negotiate offers.

Create a listing and market your home

With your beautiful images and a detailed home description, you can create a custom listing and post it on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Your agent will guide the process and recommend ideal listing days and times to ensure your home is not buried under new listings. Marketing is integral to selling your home quickly and connecting with the right buyers. Using tactics such as online advertising, open houses, and social media campaigns, you can get eyes on your listing and convert it into foot traffic and offers.

Plan open houses and tours

Once your listing is live and attracting interest, you can plan an open house or schedule private showings. An open house is an excellent way to bring buyers through the home and experience the lifestyle it offers. Your agent can host the events providing information without being overbearing. The goal is to show how desirable your home is and get solid initial offers.

Sell your home with less stress

When your real estate agent handles your selling needs, you can focus on your relocation details to ensure your move goes smoothly. Changing jobs does not have to be complicated with the support of an experienced agent. While you can sell your home independently, the benefits of working with a realtor are unmatched in a busy season of life. Keep your stress low and enjoy selling your home so you can start your new job.

David & Fiona King with The King Team are known for their incredible negotiation skills, keeping your goals and interests at the top of his priority list. With over 40 years of experience and over 125 five-star reviews, you can count on David and Fiona for a seamless selling experience!

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