Do’s and Don’t for Marketing Luxury Property on the Lake

Do’s and Don’t for Marketing Luxury Property on the Lake

Lakeside manors can attract attention due to their scenic beauty, but these homes can’t sell themselves. When selling a home, buyers need to be convinced they are making a decision that is true to who they are. Marketing a luxury home means creating a connection between potential buyers and the space, and it takes a lot more than posting gorgeous professional photos on the MLS. We’ve compiled a list of do’s and don'ts for marketing your luxury property on the lake so you can get the most out of the deal.

Do: host an event

Though open houses attract many people interested in the home, this doesn’t mean that all visitors are potential buyers. To attract serious buyers, it is important to put on an event that reflects the type of buyer your luxury home needs. A fun and unique way to have a high-end open house is to create a theme with catered appetizers, curated drinks, and thoughtful party favors.

Inviting local luxury brokers, former real estate clients, and important local figures creates an unbeatable networking opportunity. It gives prospective buyers and those with access to buyers a chance to review the property, and it is also an opportunity to show what the property is capable of. Get the fireplace roaring, show off the wet bar, and take the party outdoors to emphasize the manicured landscaping, glistening pool, and expansive lake.

Do: create a property website

Having a website solely dedicated to the property shows just how important the listing is, and it will give interested buyers a chance to be fully immersed in the buying experience. Your real estate agent's website should have the space to create the type of detailed, mesmerizing advertisement the listing needs. High-end properties with tons of features deserve a space to shine, and a website also gives you a chance to highlight what makes the property’s location so special. Take the time to create content about the restaurant and shopping scene or talk about the property’s history to help buyers feel connected to the space.

Do: offer virtual tours

Luxury home buyers are quite busy, and there is often not enough time to schedule multiple showings of the property. Detailed, high-definition virtual tours allow buyers to view the entirety of the home and revisit it at their leisure. This is helpful for the whole selling process. Buyers can use the tour to assist them with the interior design once the deal is done, or they can send the virtual tour to friends and associates should they decide the property simply isn’t for them.

Often, buyers do not live close to the property. These digital tours allow you to expand your reach across the country, even internationally. Virtual tours are more accessible, and they make it easier for the seller, especially those still living at the property.

Don’t: price the home unreasonably

One of the worst things you can do when listing a home is to price the property incorrectly. Listings that are clearly too high will not be seen by the buyers that will connect with the property the most. Listings that are too low will push buyers away, as they will immediately assume something is wrong with the property.

Though some real estate agents believe pitching high listing prices can make you an attractive partner to sellers, this can result in the house being sold for much less than its actual worth. The best thing you can do is properly research the home's market value and price it competitively. Receiving multiple competing bids on a well-priced home is must better than keeping a high-priced home on the market and waiting for that one special buyer to magically appear.

Don’t: stick to domestic marketing

It is possible to find an amazing buyer locally, but there is a large chance the right buyer for your luxury home is across the country or even across the world! Many homes for sale in Massachusetts will appeal to buyers all over the globe. International marketing opens you up to a wider network of buyers, and creating an accessible digital space for these buyers to explore the property is crucial. Creating guided, virtual tours in multiple languages not only exposes the property to buyers from different countries, but it is a personal touch that helps people create a deeper connection with the home.

When marketing a home internationally, do not undervalue the power of networking with other businesspeople. Those in the luxury industry, like jewelers, interior designers, and car salesmen, regularly interact with people worldwide and can link you with buyers looking for the perfect property in the United States.

Don’t: skimp on staging

Staging is essential for a luxury home, as it helps buyers envision themselves living in the space. Great staging will increase the perceived value of a home and even help it sell faster, with 58% of buyers’ agents claiming that staging affected their clients’ perception of the home. Some real estate agents choose to stage the home themselves, but for luxury properties with large square footage, your best bet is to hire a staging team. Professional stagers understand how to enhance the best parts of a home and alter the aspects that
aren’t so intriguing.

Not every room of the home needs to be staged, but popular living spaces like the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and primary living room should be given special attention. A large portion of buyers (39%) find the living room is the house's most important area to be staged, right behind the primary bedroom (36%). Immaculate staging paves the way for crystal-clear virtual tours and stellar photography.

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The KING TEAM is a passionate real estate duo that makes navigating the Massachusetts and Alabama real estate markets look easy. Specializing in Lake Homes Sales & Acquisition, The KING TEAM is like real estate royalty with the skills and expertise necessary to sell your lake home and market it like no other. David & Fiona King of The KING TEAM have over 40 years of experience and over 125 5 STAR reviews! Contact them today to get started!

David & Fiona King have over 40 years of experience and over 125 five-star reviews, attesting to their unwavering dedication to getting buyers and sellers alike the deal of a lifetime. Don’t hesitate – call the KING Team today to find your very own castle to call home.

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