David King’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Bremen

David King’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Bremen
Bremen is a laid-back town, but you need to step up your game to sell your house here.

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Years ago, you could depend on traditional small-town marketing techniques to sell your home. It was easy enough to put out a “For Sale” sign, place an ad in the newspaper, and wait. You could rely on word-of-mouth to pass around news of your home, and before you knew it, people would begin calling about the house. And within a few weeks or a month, your property would be sold. 
Times have changed. Today’s real estate marketplace is driven by technology, and it has a large presence on the internet. Word of mouth is still very important, but voices are traveling much farther. We are relying on technology much more than we used to, but some basic principles have stayed the same: A great house will always appeal to buyers as long as it is shown correctly and has a great asking price. I’ve summarized below a few home-selling tips to make sure that your Breman real estate experience is both simple and lucrative.

What Does Bremen Have to Offer?

What’s not to love in a town like Bremen? If you’ve lived here for any length of time then you know that it’s one of the most beautiful areas in the United States. Sitting on Smith Lake, Bremen offers trophy fishing and water sports, exciting Southeastern Conference Football, and some of the best hunting in the country. Yet we’re never too far from the excitement of city life in Huntsville, Birmingham, or Tuscaloosa. A day's drive will find you on the Gulf Coast lying on the most gorgeous Florida beaches, partying on Peachtree Street, or nestled away in the Appalachian Mountains for a cozy getaway. If you want a quiet and laid-back experience, this is an excellent place to reside without being too far from adventure.

Who is Your Market?

It’s vital to understand who you’re selling to. Are you planning to market your property as an investment by the lake or do you think your home is a perfect fit for a family with children? Depending on the answers to these questions, the way that you and your Bremen real estate agent present your house on the market can change. 
For example, you don’t need to play up how fantastic Bremen’s schools are to a retired couple looking for a vacation lake house. Understanding your house’s potential will help you know exactly who you should market to and when. That in turn allows you to compare your home to other houses on the local market to set competitive pricing. Remember, you are not only competing with other Cullman County homes, but if marketed correctly, your listing can pull attention throughout Alabama and the tri-state region — and maybe even farther!

Is Your House Ready to Show?


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Regardless of how you market your home, the property itself needs to be ready to sell. Before you set a price, get the house ready to show at its highest potential. Your real estate agent can walk through the house and point out any minor fixes that need to be corrected. Sometimes there are small dents and dings in the home that we get used to seeing regularly. Potential buyers, however, will notice these very quickly. It is highly beneficial to take the time to make small renovations, such as repainting cabinets and refinishing old flooring. 
While doing your renovations, also tend to the exterior of the house. Keep in mind that the first impression many people will have of your home will be from the street. Does your house have curb appeal? If there is overgrown flora around your home, take the time to tame some of that back so it frames your house beautifully. Make sure that walking surfaces are clean and safe. Pay attention to where people will be entering your house and make sure it is clean, uncluttered, and welcoming.

Has Your House Been Inspected?


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It is also advisable to have a home inspection done to make sure any structural problems are addressed before potential buyers walk through your house. No building will be entirely perfect after having been lived in for several years. Savvy buyers will request a home inspection before finalizing the closing. It can be a stressful situation to await the buyer’s inspection results if you did not have one done prior to listing your house. If the buyer’s inspector returns with a list of problems that you were unaware of, this can be their leverage for price negotiation. 
Avoid this stress by doing a home inspection before listing your house. Then, any needed repairs can be done ahead of time and you won’t need to be concerned about any last-minute surprises. 

Is Your House Priced to Sell?

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Getting your home into “showcase” shape before putting it on the market will let you price it more competitively. You want to show your house off like a jewel so your price point won’t be negotiated down by aggressive buyers. Several different aspects go into determining the correct pricing. These factors are constantly fluctuating, depending on seasonality, national trends, and changing market conditions. An experienced real estate agent will be able to assess similar houses on your local market to help you determine an appropriate asking price that appeals to both you and buyers looking for Bremen homes for sale.

Is the Right REALTOR by Your Side?

Once your house is ready to enter the market, your agent will list the information and professional photographs on several real estate platforms on the internet. Once listed, you will need to have your house ready at all times for viewing by potential buyers. Decluttering and setting the scene for your potential buyers is essential. Be prepared for open houses, home tour requests, multiple offers, and negotiations. Many people today also enjoy taking virtual walk-throughs and 3D tours online. These options are becoming essential to homebuyers. 
Selling a house is a complex process that you don’t have to do alone. David King is an experienced real estate agent who has helped many buyers close on homes for sale in Bremen. He is well versed with Bremen real estate and the surrounding area, and he can guide you through the entire process. Contact David today for more information.
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